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Finding harmony and balance to complement physical attributes with lifestyle needs.

Laurie Witt

What Do we DO?
here's whats included

My mission is to help individuals enhance their image and understand their own personal brand.

Its about learning who you are as a person and finding the harmony and balance to complement physical attributes with lifestyle needs.  When balance is reached, we see ourselves as beautiful, unique and ready for the world to see us as our true authentic selves.

Colour Analysis

“Colour is a vibration and when it resonates with you, your personal power is amplified”

Karen Brunger, AICI, CIP International Image Institute

Image & Style

I help you discover your own personal brand – your very best self – from the inside out.  I believe that image extends far beyond the clothes or colours that we wear.

Wardrobe & Closet Edit

Do you walk into your closet feeling frustrated and perhaps pick the same three or four items?

“We all possess intrinsic, authentic style and discovering and understanding them is understanding ourselves that much more. “

Alyce Parsons-International leader in image consulting



I work in women’s fashions in Oakville. One afternoon a very classy, well put together professional woman came into the store.


Anyone who says everyone looks great in black needs to spend some time with Laurie!! Did I learn lots!! Spent 2 wonderful hours with Laurie


I had an absolutely fabulous, fun and enlightening time with Laurie and learning about colours. Laurie is a natural at this,


Laurie was instrumental in helping me update my wardrobe and image. To learn more about who I was as a person,