My Story

Upon completing a Bachelor of Commence degree, I began working in Corporate Human Resources where dressing for success meant a formal suit, high heels, neat sleek hair and an external persona that screamed serious business.  Your image and confidence spoke volumes about how fast you were moving up that corporate ladder. I took note and followed all the rules.  After 17 years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion for teaching and began a new career working as a special education teacher.  Here I learned the importance of self-love, compassion and dignity.  My students were my world and I loved watching these perfect beings walk into my classrooms beaming from the inside out every day because they knew how to love themselves and others with their true authentic spirit.

Fast forward 15 years, I am retired from Education and my little perfect humans; but I am now enjoying working with clients to recapture that magic sparkle that we all ignited many moons ago. I decided to become an image consultant after listening to so many women colleagues and friends talk about the ‘good ole’ days when we were younger and could wear Jordache skinny jeans, crop tops and furry boots. We felt on top of the world and we would SPARKLE!!

Well guess what?  We still have that magic, but it looks different now.  As we continue to age with grace and gratitude, perhaps watching kids grow and leave the home, returning to the world of dating, tiptoeing through menopause or moving to a new part of the world, our true magical self is still waiting for us to stir things up and feel that excitement and energy that resides within all of us.

In partnership with my clients, we discover how inner authentic beauty communicates with the world around us. 

Laurie Witt