Image & Style

I help you discover your own personal brand – your very best self – from the inside out.  I believe that image extends far beyond the clothes or colours that we wear.  It is that sparkle that we wear with pride when we see ourselves as beautiful, unique and ready for the world to receive us being our true authentic selves.

Image identification is never just about wearing fashionable clothing and styles.  It’s about discovering and understanding the uniqueness of you and ensuring that the person we are in the inside is reflected   on the outside.  When balance is reached, we are confident, strong and in harmony with our true self.   Through curating an image that aligns with your personal branding, goals and lifestyle, you create a signature style that you were meant to project to the world

For my clients, I want them to feel a healing effect as they feel more balanced and confident in who they are. 

Our Services

Services include a two-hour consultation where we identify:

Styles of clothing that are best suited to enhance your features and personality by completing a Personality/lifestyle questionnaire and Style profile to help us understand who you are.

Body and shape analysis using measurements and proportions

Create a Signature Style that harmonizes with your personality, lifestyles, fabrics and accessories.