What our clients say about us;

I work in women’s fashions in Oakville. One afternoon a very classy, well put together professional woman came into the store. I was intrigued. We started chatting about our love of fashion and I mentioned how I was trying to get away from my traditional black everything. Laurie gently said to me “have you ever thought of wearing more cream instead of white? Have you ever considered eggplant or grey instead of black?” We connected immediately! She told me that she was a Colour analyst, and by the end of the next day we’d set an appointment for my consultation. In 61 years I’d never had my colours done. I knew it was going to be fun and informative but the experience working with Laurie far exceeded my expectations. She’s so knowledgeable and professional. I had a focussed intensive 90 minute session while she draped me in many pallets and compared the colours to: my complexion, my lips, my eyes…she covered everything thoroughly and with insight. She made recommendations to help me move forward confidently. This was by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in years. Thank you Laurie for getting to know me and my lifestyle to help me make more confident colourful decisions about my wardrobe. You are a true professional!


Anyone who says everyone looks great in black needs to spend some time with Laurie!! Did I learn lots!! Spent 2 wonderful hours with Laurie and she showed me how some colours make us look pale and tired and others make our eyes pop and skin colour shine!! I’m now embracing my ‘true spring’ colour palette!! Laurie not only helped me with colours for clothes but also hair and makeup!! I wish I had known this years ago!! But I’m going to look amazing in my new colour scheme. No little black dress for me….a lovely shade of navy will now be my go to for that little fancy dress and I will look fabulous wearing it thanks to Laurie leading me in the right direction!! I can’t wait for the next experience with Laurie where she helps me with my current wardrobe and makes a capsule for me. I’m not a shopper so Laurie also provides a colour palette to take away to assist when shopping. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend having Laurie find your colour palette to look and feel your best!!


I had an absolutely fabulous, fun and enlightening time with Laurie and learning about colours. Laurie is a natural at this and makes it educational while making you feel amazing with what colours suit you best and bring out the "glow" in you!


Laurie was instrumental in helping me update my wardrobe and image. To learn more about who I was as a person, I completed many questionnaires that identified certain personality and style characteristics. She then took several measurements to determine body and face shape. Laurie showed me how to create capsules of clothing which included various coordinated outfits that better suited my body shape and personality. She joined me on a shopping trip where I purchased a new dress in my colour palette, jeans, shoes and accessories. Laurie always made me feel comfortable throughout the process and I cannot wait until she visits me again when we organize my closet. It was a fun and informative journey. Thanks Laurie!